Amazing Halloween Makeup Ideas For Women - 1
Amazing Halloween Makeup Ideas For Women
amazing way to celebrate Halloween! Whether you are at work, in school, in university or at home.
1. Skull
Get a skull and skeleton costume or dab on lots of face paint. Add eerie moss or flesh for a fun effect. The skull never fails to make an impact. A skull with creepy blue eyes takes the cake at any party. Get luminous paint and get creative. Give the classic look a great twist for a fun night out on Halloween!
2. Witch
A pointed hat, a broom, a long robe, and an evil expression leads you to a Halloween classic! Give it a sensual twist with a figure hugging dress and some chic makeup.
3. Pumpkin
This is one idea that will never go out of fashion! The pumpkin is synonymous with Halloween! Get an amazing pumpkin costume to spook your buddies. You can choose from the traditional plump costume or a svelte, slender costume, depending on your preference. Now it the time to show off those abs you have been working on!
4. Cat
The cat costume is justpurrfectfor the occasion! A scary black cat with green eyes will give your friends the chills. Get a full body costume or a head dress to get that Halloween look. Cute and cuddly Persian fur or sleek short hair will just kill it at any get together. Paint on a few whiskers, attach cuddly ears and you are ready to go!
5. Celebrity
Dress up as your favorite celebrity and rock your Halloween party. Dress yourself up as a celebrity at her worst for the fun effect. Dye your hair, get contacts, wear fancy clothes and turn up as old time favorites like Audrey Hepburn or the popular stars of today like Angelina Jolie and Mila Kunis!

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