Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns - 1
Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns
Rangoli is a reflection of vibrant Indian culture. It is a creative art done on the floors.
1. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 1
This design is apt for those who are just learning to make rangolis. The designs are kept minimum and simple so that it is easy to create. Though simple, it is colourful and can be used for Diwali, as we see in the picture. The diyas add brightness to the rangoli.
2. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 2
This rangoli design is loaded with colours which make it look so extravagant. This is definitely not for the ones who are new to this craft. Black, red, orange, blue pink and purple shades are used in this. The geometric shapes make this truly appropriate for the Diwali celebrations or for a wedding eve.
3. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 3
Now unlike usual designs of Rangoli, this one is made out of flower petals in differentcolours. Different coloured marigold, lotus buds and other multicoloured flower petals are used to create this beautiful design.
4. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 4
This rangoli is like a whirlwind design withdifferentcolouredflowerrangolipetals. Thecoloursused are very striking and catch your attention easily. The interesting whirlwind makes the design look very different from the traditional rangolis that we usually come across. This one is modern and unique.
5. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 5
This design is based on the idea the creator is within the creation. This is a very elaborate design depicting a peacock with all its feathers. This design is complex and quite different.

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