American Cities Where You Dont Need A Car - 1
American Cities Where You Dont Need A Car
American Cities Where You Dont Need A Car
1. New York City New York
Of course the Big Apple comes first. Here owning a car is the exception and not the norm.
2. Washington DC
The nations capital is extremely well connected.The metro runs all the way to the airport and most of the suburbs can be accessed byby public transport.
3. Chicago Illinois
The New York City of the midwest Chicago is proud of its transport (Chicago Transit Authority). Most neighborhoods can be accessed by metro bus or foot.
4. San Fransisco California
Except for some outlying neighborhoods public transport in the Bay Area is relatively good. Just remember the closer you get to downtown San Fransisco the less you will need a car.
5. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Like most major cities unless you plan on living in some distant suburbs within the city itself you can easily get around. Philly has always ranked high for its walkability.

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