Avataars of Lord Vishnu - 1
Avataars of Lord Vishnu
The Vishnu is a central god and one of the three deities of the trimurti in Hinduism.
1. Adi PURUSH Avatar
Lord Vishnu took his first incarnation as the pre eminent man, with a desire to commence creation. This first incarnation of Lord Vishnu was full of all the sixteen Kalas (Supernatural powers).

Lord Brahma manifested from the navel of Lord Vishnu in his (Lord Vishnu) state of Yoganidra (deep meditation). The creation as well as the expansion of the creation commenced from the organs of Lord Brahma. The first incarnation of Lord Vishnu is all powerful, which can be seen only by the yogins and sages who have attained divine knowledge. This incarnation is also the indestructible seed from which all the other incarnations manifest themselves. During the time of final annihilation of the world, every creation merges into him.
2. The Eternal Youth
Sanatkumar was the Manasputra (born by a wish) of Lord Brahma. Throughout his life, he maintained celibacy; and engaged himself in the performance of tremendous penance. He was the one from whom the Brahmins got the inspiration regarding the values and importance of penance and Celibacy.
3. Varaha Avatar
Lord Vishnu took his third incarnation as a boar. In this incarnation Lord Vishnu rescued the earth which had submerged in the ocean, and brought it out from the ocean. The whole creation started only after that. A demon by the name of Hiranyaksha had abducted the earth and carried it to the Rasatala (the second lowest of the world). The earth is considered to be as a Woman and since it is a crime to abduct a woman therefore Lord Vishnu in his incarnation of a boar killed the demon Hiranyaksha and liberated the earth from his clutches.
4. Narada Avatar
Lord Vishnu took his fourth incarnation as Narada. Narada by becoming a Devarishi among all the sages, achieved liberation from all of his Karma s (action). Narada was the one who gave discourses to the Vaishnavas (followers of Lord Vishnu) on Pancharatra Tantra .Lord Vishnu in his incarnation as Narada, showed that, the devotion is the best mean of getting liberated from all the bondages of Karma s . He also said that a devotee of Lord Vishnu is the supreme among the devotees in the same way as Devarishi Narada among the Sages.
5. Nara Narayana Avatar
Lord Vishnu took his fifth incarnation as sage Nara Narayan by taking a birth from the womb of a woman named Kala . He performed a tremendous penance by going to Badri and Kedar. He showed the importance Penance (Labour), and also that nothing can be achieved in this world without it.

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