Beautiful Punjabi Mehndi Designs - 1
Beautiful Punjabi Mehndi Designs
Punjabi mehndi designs are quite unique and that they glorify the culture and heritage of Punjab.
1. Paisley
The paisley is a very common design that is used in various shapes and sizes. You can put a series of small paisleys together to cover a large area. You can also use a large paisley and fill up the inside with other designs. Paisleys can be used on the fingers, the palm and even the rest of the arm. This versatile design can be used to make other designs as well. So, irrespective of which kind of pallet you go for, your mehndi design is sure to include paisley.
2. Curved Lines
Since mehndi is malleable material, it can easily be used to make curved lines of various shapes and sizes. The curves can be used to make squiggles or elaborate designs. The curved lines can be used to cover large parts of your hand. But the lines are generally used to create larger and more elaborate designs.
3. Dots
The most basic design, which I had created the first time I applied mehndi by myself, was made mostly of dots. Even if you are not using a mehndi cone, you can easily make dots. The dots can also be used to make larger designs.
4. Checkers
There is something very aesthetic about checkers that draw my attention. By using the mehndi you can easily create checkered designs. You can also use this design to shade and detail a larger design.
5. Flowers
Flowers are the sign of fertility and beauty. The design of flowers can also help you make your mehndi look beautiful. You can include a large number of flower designs of different shapes and sizes in your mehndi.

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