Best Android Games to Play Right Now - 1
Best Android Games to Play Right Now
Best Android Games to Play Right Now
1. The Room
Youre in a room, alone, with a box. Theres something in that box, but you dont know what it is just that its locked behind dozens of puzzles that keep the box sealed, and you have to work them all out if you ever want to leave. Thats the story behind The Room, and while its demanding riddles make it well worth playing, its that extra hint of uncertainty and dread that elevates this game to the top of our list. The sound of calm yet eerie music playing as you meticulously examine the box from the light of a single work lamp leaves you feeling exposed and unsettled, heightening the tension every time you solve a new puzzle. Who put this here? Are they watching you? And what are they going to do when you finally get it open?
2. Monument Valley
Monument Valley is all about perspective. Each level looks like an M.C. Escher painting doused in watercolor, with paths that invert on themselves to defy the laws of gravity and Euclidian geometry. And its up to you to navigate your little cone headed figure through each of its trials, fiddling with levers, pushing buttons, and spinning knobs to bend and transform each environment to your liking. The puzzles themselves are breezy and inventive, and watching each vibrant world shift as you figure them out is a rare treat.
3. Plants vs Zombies
Plants vs Zombies is a classic tower defense title you cant stop playing. The zombie apocalypse is upon us, and theres nothing to defend us from the gnashing teeth of undead jaws except... garden vegetation? Thats right the only thing protecting your from getting your brains munched on are flowers and foods rich in vitamin C. What begins with a front yard barricade of Peashooters and Sunflowers becomes an impenetrable force one thats guarded by giant Wall nuts as your flora turrets launch flaming projectiles and devastating melons every which way. The zombies never stood a chance.
4. Alphabear
Simple at its core, Alphabear packs a lot of pleasing attributes into a very tidy, adorable package. Letters are gradually revealed on the playfield, but each tile has a lifespan if you don t use it before its turn based timer runs out, it morphs to stone and blocks your path to the really big bonuses. Play in timed mode to give your brain a quick workout, or do a big board to challenge yourself and achieve the sky high score that will net you a rare bear. Oh, did I leave out the part where you collect immensely cute bears that give you stat buffs and bonuses? Yeah. You do that, too.
5. Jetpack Joyride
Researchers in a top secret lab should know better than to put a Do Not Steal sign next to a kickin jetpack prototype, because inevitably, someone named Barry Steakfries is going to bust through the wall and take that baby for a chaotic, property destroying joyride. This is a simple endless runner that gives you ample freedom of vertical movement and youre going to need it, because there are plenty of floating coins to collect, electrified gates to weave around, and incoming missiles to dodge. And the rush of snagging one of the many power up vehicles including a Metal Slug esque mech and a giant dragon named Mr. Cuddles will keep you coming back again and again.

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