Best Gadgets For Summer Travel - 1
Best Gadgets For Summer Travel
The Most popular travel times of the year, and these gadgets will make any trip Easier.
1. Gadgets For Summer Travel
An inexpensive portable power strip, with 3 or 4 outlets, really helps in a room with multiple people and multiple devices.Wherever your adventure takes you this summer, theres probably a gadget that can help. Maybe its noise cancelling headphones to make a flight seem shorter, or a Bluetooth speaker for some tunes around the campfireHere are some of the best to check out before you leave.
Before we get started, if you want to dive deeper into the tech of travel (or travel tech) check out Travel Smarter With Tech, 10 Tips for Travelling with a Smartphone, Are Travel SIM Cards Worth It?, Pay In Local Or Home Currency?, 5 Myths About Travelling With Tech, and My Favorite Travel Gear.
2. BlueTooth Speaker
A portable Bluetooth speaker can add some tunes to wherever you are: Campsite, hotel room, airport security line. I like the $90 UE Mini Boom, and have had one with me for all my travels the last few months. Its small but loud, and sounds surprisingly good. Its also the current Wirecutter pick.
3. Noise Cancelling headphones
A little bit of quiet goes a long way. For any long journey, bet it train, plane, or automobus, you cant beat the quiet of NC headphones. I like the Bose QC20s, as theyre tiny and perfectly portable. The QC25 offer a little more quiet, but are over ear headphones and much bigger. I weigh the pros and cons in Bose QuietComfort 25 Vs QuietComfort 20.
4. USB battery pack
Ive been talking these things up for years. Love them. Theyre just a portable external battery pack to recharge all your devices. They come in all different sizes and capacities. Since theyre so cheap, its hard not to recommend them to everyone
5. USB Power Adapter
This may seem like an odd one, since every device you have probably came with one. Believe it or not, different chargers charge devices at different rates. Check the amp rating on your current charger. It might say something like 1A or 0.5A. If youre lucky, it says more than 2A. A stands for amps, and a charger with more amp output will charge your devices faster. I like the Limefuel 4.8A wall charger, as its compact, the prongs fold into the body (a little too well), and it outputs 2.4A from both its USB outputs.

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