Best Mobile phones in the World - iPhone 5S
Best Mobile phones in the World
best mobile phones in the world today | These are the best smartphones in the market right now. . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
iPhone 5S
Never has a company polarised opinion in the smartphone world like Apple and with the iPhone 5S, so many are quick to decry it while others know it to be the smartphone theyve been waiting for. And lets make no bones about it: this is a stunning phone, with a gorgeous two tone finish, a high res screen with good colour reproduction, a 64 bit chip and that all powerful TouchID sensor that lets you unlock your phone with a simple fingerprint. The iOS 7 update is one that we sorely, sorely needed and does bring a lot more power and control as shown by the impressive and pervasive Control Center. We really like TouchID, the 64 bit processor might be a little useless now but definitely brings a touch more zip to things, and the M7 chip gives developers something to play with in terms of fitness, with the likes of FitBit taking advantage already. Youd have to be desperate to buy one right now though, as the iPhone 6 is so nearly here that it would be a much better idea to wait and see if you want the new one, or if not, hang on until the cost of the iPhone 5S drops. Quick verdict Lets not beat around the bush here: the iPhone 5S is still one of the great smartphones in the world thanks to a great package of technology, design and UI intuition. iOS 7 is the update weve needed for a while, and does a lot to help keep Apple current at the sharp end of the market but we still cant wait to see what the iPhone 6 will bring, as essentially this is still the same phone as the iPhone 5 but with a better engine under the hood.

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