Best Peacock Mehndi Designs - 1
Best Peacock Mehndi Designs
Mehndi is the ancient art of decorating palms & feet but how about blending peacock designs with meh
1. Designs 1
This one of the beautiful medium sized peacock mehndi designs looks beautiful and is suitable for any occasion. This design will not look cluttered and makes your hands look very beautiful. We love the spiral and abstract designs on the fingers and the small dot patterns on the open area of the palm.
2. Designs 2
This elegant peacock inspired mehndi design will look great on the hands of the bride. This mehndi design has traits of both Arabic as well as Indian mehndi. The use of black mehndi as well as shading makes it look even more beautiful.
3. Designs 3
This beautiful design features red mehndi . The design features peacock motif in the middle of the palm. We love the small details on the palm and the fingers. The wrist is kept open and has been done in a bangle like design.
4. Designs 4
This beautiful mehndi is bigger than the previous one. Done with black mehndi, the designs have come out beautifully and the peacock design stands out from the other patterns and motifs. The design is just perfect for brides.
5. Designs 5
A pair of peacocks adorns the hands of the bride in this fabulous design. We see the use of black mehndi in this design and the bangle deign on the wrist and hand also makes it quite unique.

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