Best Shaded Mehndi Designs - 1
Best Shaded Mehndi Designs
Due to this increasing trend of mehndi, some professionals and creative minds have created this.
1. Designs 1
This is an easytodo design even for beginners. Here we see the floral motifs stand out prominently; they are done on the palm and extended till the arm. Big and mediumsized floral motifs with shading make this one a rather unique design to try.
2. Designs 2
Heres a small rangoli design for your palm. The floral patterns start from a moderatelysized floral design extending to small floral patterns, which turn into paisley designs shaded with mehndi. This design is a perfect choice for beginners and those who want an easy and quick design for their hands.
3. Designs 3
Take a look at this one of the beautiful Arabic shaded mehndi designs with shaded leaf pattern on the wrists. The floral patterns on the palm and the tips of the fingers are filled with mehndi. But on the wrists, shading is used to intensify and give a new look to the whole design.
4. Designs 4
This one is a classic paisley and floral mehndi design which is definitely meant for a special occasion. The paisley and floral combination also makes this a perfect choice for brides. The shadings on the paisley design as well as the floral motifs make the mehndi design even more attractive.
5. Designs 5
This beautiful mehndi design features Arabic mehndi patterns. The palm is decorated with floral motifs which have shaded inners. The small swirled design also makes it a lovely mehndi design.

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