Best Used Luxury Cars - 1
Best Used Luxury Cars
Wow Best Used Luxury Cars to Buy, with our winner offering opulence mixed with practicality.
1. Lincoln MKZ
NADA used 2012 retail price: $18,300; original sticker price $34,755. This is the absolute cheapest way, short of buying an older high mileagebeater, to own a luxury car. While the MKZ isnt up to the levels of sophistication or brand cachet set by the European luxury brands, its roomy, quiet and comfortable, comes well equipped (with heated/cooled front seats standard) and comes nicely powered by a 263 horsepower V6 engine. Like all of the vehicles were featuring here, this is for a 2012 model in excellent condition with around 45,000 on the odometer and a retail price under $25,000 as estimated by NADA Guides; negotiated prices will likely be lower, and will vary by region and according to mileage, features and vehicle condition.
2. Audi A3
NADA used 2012 retail price: $19,075; original sticker price $27,270. Now sold only as a sedan, back in 2012 the Audi A3 was offered in the U.S. as a compact luxury/sports wagon, and not only is it a hoot to drive, its more practical than a small sedan, with added rear passenger room and cargo space.
3. BMW 128i Coupe
NADA used 2012 retail price: $20,125; original sticker price $31,200. Modest resale values on the automakers entry level coupe can help even a buyer of meager means own a BMW. It shares its 230 horsepower six cylinder engine, along with its playful handling, with the larger and costlier 3 Series line (BMWs coupes have since been renamed the 2 Series and 4 Series, respectively).
4. Cadillac CTS Wagon
NADA used 2012 retail price: $20,925; original sticker price $39,015. Cadillacs posh and sporty midsize station wagon never caught on, and though its numbers may be scarce in the resale market its worth a look. Crippling resale values make this an amenable and bargain priced alternative to most used luxury SUVs.
5. Lexus CT 200h
NADA used 2012 retail $20,925; original sticker price $29,120. High mileage gas/electric powered hybrid and alternative fuel cars have fallen out of favor with this past years dip in fuel costs, with the CT200h four door hatchback being the most affordable used luxury version. Its sportier in nature than most fuel sipping cars, comes well equipped and affords adequate performance and comfort. Its rated at 43/40 mpg city/highway.

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