English - Billiards Pool Game for Beginners
Billiards Pool Game for Beginners
Pool tips learn and practice every pool tip it will help you to become a better player.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
After practicing straight shots for awhile, youll begin to notice patterns in what happens to the cue ball after it strikes the target ball. At this point, you can begin adding spin or English to the cue ball.Still working on straight shots only, start hitting the cue ball above or below center to see how it affects the spin of the ball:

  • Hitting above center adds topspin.

  • Hitting below center adds backspin.

  • Set up a straight shot for yourself, with a second target ball in another location. Add the correct amount of English so that after you pocket the first ball, the cue ball rolls to the correct position to make the next shot.

    Straight Shots
    Learn the language
    Angled Shots
    Learning to Stand and Hold the Cue Properly
    Learning to control the cue ball for the next shot
    Make the shots
    Playing the Game

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