Bizarre Cuisines People Actually Enjoy Eating - 1
Bizarre Cuisines People Actually Enjoy Eating
Bizarre Cuisines People Actually Enjoy Eating
1. Balut
This popular Filipino food is a developed duck embryo boiled alive and eaten in its egg. The eighteen day old fertilized duck egg has revolted even the most daring foodies with its carnal textures, earning it lofty rankings on many a most disgusting or strange food list.
2. Beondegi
Beondegi are steamed or boiled silkworm pupae, which are then seasoned and eaten as a snack. Strangely, it
3. Birds Nest Soup
This Asian delicacy is made from the nest of the swiftlet bird which builds its nest out of its own gummy saliva. In other words, you are, in essence, eating bird saliva.
4. Blodpl
Blodplttar is an interesting version of Swedish pancakes (called veriohukainen in Finland) made of pork blood, milk, rye flour, dark molasses, onion, and butter. Whats there not to love, right?
5. Bushmeat
The term bushmeat refers to meat that comes from wild animals captured in developing regions of the world such as West Africa. This truly bizarre dish comes from a variety of wild animals including bats, rats, and monkeys among others, which are then smoked, dried, or salted.

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