Breathtaking Arabic Mehndi Designs - 1
Breathtaking Arabic Mehndi Designs
the most breath taking arabic mehndi designs that will blow your mind and tempt your heart.
1. Designs 1
This design is simple, elegant and not messy. Those who shy away from full hand designs can try this mehendi design. The motifs are not complicated and the floral patterns are very feminine. This design is suitable for any occasion and can be done by anyone. Even if you are not an expert at creating mehendis you can still make this design.
2. Designs 2
This mehendi design will look very beautiful on top or back of your hands. This design covers the top of the hands, fingers and the wrist. The design is a combination of paisley and floral motifs and on the wrist there is a bangle like design which makes it unique.This mehendi design is neither too full nor too less. Yet, this designmakes the hands look filled up and beautiful without having too much detail and intricate designs. This is aneasy and perfect way to decorate the top or back of the hands for your wedding or for any other occasion.
3. Designs 3
Want to try some out of the box Arabic mehendi design for your hands? Then you can definitely try this one. The inverted heart pattern and the net like patterns with tiny flowers make this mehendi design very different from the usual ones. This Arabic mehendi design is very intricate due to the minute details, may be a little complicated to create. However, this design will look stunning on the hands of the bride.
4. Designs 4
Another simple yet beautiful design for the back or top of the hands. This design is a combination of flowerand an arch like motif makes it ideal for Eid and weddings. Eid calls for a great feast and celebration, and how can a celebration be complete without mehendi! Moreover, Arabic Mehendi design is a reflection of Islamic religion and culture, so this pretty and simple design is suitable for Eid and other similar celebrations in the Muslim community.
5. Designs 5
This Arabic mehendi design for the wrist is quite unique. You may use this design by itself keeping the palm free of any colour or you can also include it into any other design you like.You can even use this design as a mehendi tattoo. It is the simplicity of the design that gives it a modern look, it will be a great hit among teenagers and college goers.

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