Car Racing Games For Your Smartphone - 1
Car Racing Games For Your Smartphone
Car Racing Games For Your Smartphone
1. Fast and Furious Legacy
Fast and Furious: Legacy will place you behind the wheels. The game is broken into various segments and there are three types of races you will participate in. It is based around all sevenFast & Furious' movies but the real focus is squarely on the racing. Theres also a drifting mode that you can use with your finger to drag a path for the car to follow.You get to interact with wellknown characters and the game uses locations from all the sevenFast and Furious' movies. The only drawback is that you dont get to choose the car, but you can customize your ride as per your requirement.
2. Speed Racing
Speed Racing gives you the most thrilling racing experience. Buckle up and press the accelerator hard, and zoom across smooth tracks. It offers the best 3D racing visuals.Dodge around the traffic and deadly obstacles, and earn gold coins to unlock seven cars and powerups.
3. Zombie Highway 2
Zombie Highway 2 is similar to the first one. It allows you to drive on a deserted highway while trying to escape the zombie outbreak. It has a rewind system that you can use to continue by spending a gold coin that you earn. You can also purchase weapons using the gold coins. It can be a little boring as you keep driving on the same highway each time.
4. Drag Racing
Drag Racing is the most addictive car racing game for all car freaks, and is completely free. You can play with 50+ officiallylicensed real cars that range from hot hatchbacks to muscle cars. The list ofcarsincludes the iconic Skyline GTR, a classic 69 Mustang, a brand new BMW M3, among many others.
5. CSR Racing
CSR Racing takes you to the urban streets of underground drag racing giving you a thrilling experience. If you want to win the race, just have a perfect start launch and timed gear shifts. This game is all about precision. There are a lot of cars to choose from. You can also customise your car with turbo chargers or nitro boosters.

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