Classic Ideas For Styling Long Hair - 1
Classic Ideas For Styling Long Hair
Easy to get Classical ideas for styling long hair. Long Hair are one of the luckiest people.
1. Waves with Curls and Bangs
Waves look amazing on long hair. So, take a short break from your straight tresses and wave it up. For it, consider these golden blonde waves with dark brown lowlights, delicate bangs and spiral ends.
2. Fringed Side Fishtail Braid
Fishtail braid is loved by every single woman and having long hair can be a good reason to try it. But go for a side and messy one with razored side sweeps in order to express your maximum styling sense.
3. Shiny Beachy Waves
Amp up your glam quotient hundred times by wearing these beachy waves on your super shiny locks! A smooth curve hiding one eye partially and a little puff at the crown will make the look super
4. Bridal Curls with Side Sweep
Even though it is a bridal hairstyle, you can try it for any event. These intense curls with volume at the crown, twists on both sides and simple side sweep give a subtly mysterious look.
5. Simple Four Strand Braid
Let us stick to something simple yet unique. Yes, it is a four strand braid with excellent thickness and subtle highlights. A few loose strands swinging over the face and a twisted end will be perfect add ons.

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