Common Household Items That Could Kill You - 1
Common Household Items That Could Kill You
Life is a gift. We know accidents do happen on roads but what if I say it can happen in our homes.
1. Household plants
They make look pretty, but plants are deceptively dangerous if you have children or pets running around the house. Popular varieties like daffodil, iris, lily of the valley, ivy, and even mistletoe are poisonous when consumed, according to the?National Capital Poison Center. They contain toxins or dangerous chemicals to protect themselves from insects, animals and yes, humans. So play it safe and keep em out of your home if you ve got curious pets or kiddos.
2. Gas Range
Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious risk it s the leading cause of poisoning death, says the?Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and it comes from your gas oven, car, space heater, or charcoal grills being left on too long (or forgetting to turn them off). Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless gas that causes sudden illness or death, and is often detected when it s too late. Play it safe and install a?CO monitor?in your home so you re alerted if levels are getting dangerously high.?",2.jpg,Common Household Items That Could Kill You 3626,?Extension Cords,Not only are they a serious tripping hazard, but these cords also cause over 3,300 residential fires each year, which results in about 50 annual deaths, the?CDC reports. They re mostly caused by misuse or overloading the system, so just make sure that you, and your kids, are using them correctly and only on a temporary basis (rather than keeping every space packed at all times).
3. Electric Blankets
A report put together by the?National Center for Biotechnology information, revealed two incidences in which people died from heat stroke (their bodies reached temperatures of 105.8 and 106.2) because they were using these blankets.?Some even say?they can lead to cancer and reproductive problems, and while there s no solid scientific evidence to back up the claim, maybe just play it safe and add more layers to the bed when you re feeling chilly.
4. Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools
It s where you go to zen out and sneak some quiet time from the kids...and it s completely safe because of the chlorine. Right? Uhhh, not so fast. While you may think you have a squeaky clean pool, cryptosporidium a chlorine resistant parasite might be hanging out. A report in?Medical News Today?found the number in pools and hot tubs is increasing, and there were over a thousand cases of illness, hundreds of hospitalizations, and one death reported just in 2011 2012. Swimmers with diarrhea or a leaking bladder are the usual cause because the parasite lives and multiplies in your gut, according to?Slate. It enters the water when you have an, err, bathroom issue, someone else ingests it (all those times you accidentally swallowed water), then they excrete it, and the cycle continues. In other words, if you have any bathroom issues going on, keep everyone safe and stay out of the water.
5. Lint or Dryers
It s such an easy chore to do cleaning out the lint filter but let s be honest: sometimes we let it slide. That s a mistake, as failing to remove lint from the dryer is the leading cause of 2,900 annual dryer fires, which results in 100 injuries and 5 deaths each year, says the?U.S. Fire Administration. All the more reason to get back to good habits and clean the lint filter after each load of laundry (or before you start your next one), and remove lint from the vent pipe (the tube at the back of the machine that releases the hot air outside of your home) every three months.

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