Crazy iPhone Accessories - 1
Crazy iPhone Accessories
A huge collection of awesome cases for your new iPhone! In wood, in plastic, crazy, weird, useful,
1. Crazy iPhone Accessories
Nowadays, a phone is not just a phone. It is also a wallet, a camera, a personal assistant and a gaming device. The iPhone, one of the most popular smartphones on the market, can be matched with countless accessories. From cases to charging cables to earphone plugs, there are numerous ways to customize your iPhone. There are accessories that are simple, but there are also those that can raise an eyebrow. Here are some of the craziest iPhone accessories you can find on the market. Some are actually useful while others are just plain weird.
2. Bottle Opener Case
A lot of iPhone users are college boys and girls just enjoying their days in university. Most fun nights will involve drinking. It s hard to open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener and the iPhone does not have an app for that. So why not get yourself a bottle opener case for your iPhone to solve the problem. The case itself appears basic but hides a powerful bottle opener ready to use in emergency cases. Now, you just have to carry your phone to a night of drinking and you re all set.
3. Real Time Breathalyzer Test
After chugging down a couple of beers, make sure you are safe to drive home. iBreath is a useful accessory to help you test your alcohol levels using your iPhone. Just attach the device and breathe into it. The designated receptacle will measure and indicate your blood s alcohol level. Perfect for anyone who wants to avoid a DUI ticket.
4. Bacon Alarm Clock
If beer is not your thing, then how about the smell of freshly cooked bacon? Oscar Mayer s Wake Up & Smell the Bacon alarm clock will make your mornings yummy. This accessory is a clock device that plugs into the bottom of your iPhone. It has a hole in the right side that will give off the delicious scent of bacon once you ve set the time with its dedicated companion app. This is way better than those weird tunes you hear in the morning.
5. Hand Shaped Case
Most of the time, your iPhone feels like your best friend. It knows everything about you and accompanies you to important events. It s like a hand you can rely on. Now, you can actually have a hand to hold for your iPhone with this weird hand-shaped case from Japan. It features a realistic human hand attached to the back of the case for you to hold when using your iPhone. Choose from a lady s hand and a child s hand to hold. This is definitely weird and a bit creepy.

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