Creepy and Funny Looking Birds - 1
Creepy and Funny Looking Birds
Creepy and Funny Looking Birds
1. Creepy and Funny Looking Birds
The nature has gifted us with a lot of things. We live on a planet where various living and non-living things provide us comfort and peace of mind. The animals, birds and plants benefit us in one way or the other. Not only the plants are of countless forms and types, but same is the case with animals and birds. When we talk about birds, they belong to different habitats and species. Some of the birds are amazingly beautiful, while others look funny due to their unique and magnificent appearance.
2. Antarctic Giant Petrel
The Antarctic Giant Petrels are penguin like birds found in the forests close to Atlantic Ocean and Southern Africa. These birds weigh about 8-10 kg and have wingspan of about 2-4 meters. The Antarctic Giant Petrel has yellow, orange and other attractive colors. They have gigantic appearance and big mouth with sharp teeth. These are highly terrifying and funny looking birds which live like eagle colonies.
3. Great White Pelican
The Great White Pelicans have massive jaws and swallow bigger birds in no time. These are found in cold regions of the world. You can easily view a lot of Great White Pelicans in the London parks. The major target of these birds is large animals and other birds. They swallow big fishes and adult gulls in a couple of minutes with their wide and expanded mouth. Their teeth are extremely sharp and are usually found in the areas close to rivers and lakes.
4. The Potoo
The Potoos consist of grey, brownish and black color patterns. These live in tree barks and trunks. The interesting thing about these birds is that they sleep the whole day in a vertical form and usually wake up at night times. Their eyes are capable to see the insects in dark nights. They capture their preys especially the creeping and flying insects. These birds catch their preys with their long tongue and wide mouths. The whole process is very fast and it takes the Potoos only seconds to capture and digest their preys to get instant energy.
5. Inca Tern
The Inca Tern possesses moustache which makes these birds distinctively unique and funny looking. Their habitat is forests of South Africa, America and parts of Europe. These birds enjoy sexual activities every day, as a result give birth to various children monthly. The Inca Terns have different colors but their long beak and sharp teeth make them funny looking.

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