Dark Origins of Disney Fairy Tales - 1
Dark Origins of Disney Fairy Tales
Dark Origins of Disney Fairy Tales
1. Dark Origins of Disney Fairy Tales
It s every little girl s dream to have a life like the Disney princesses . Young children grow up hearing the happily ever after fairy tales, and start to believe in the existence of a Utopian world full of happiness. Disney has been going steady for ages, telling little children stories based on old fairy tales, albeit loosely so. The real versions of the Disney fairy tales are a little different from the Disney movies, and even the tales that we commonly hear. Let us take a look at the Top 10 Dark Origins of Disney Fairy tales.
2. Frozen
In the original story, Hans Christian Anderson s The Snow Queen, the lady with the power of ice is the Snow Queen, who is nothing like Frozen s Elsa. The Queen abducts a little boy and enslaves him with her power, promising to only free him if he solves a puzzle and spell the word eternity . A little girl, with an innocent heart full of love and purity, comes and saves the boy with the power of true love, as her tears melt the splinters of an evil mirror lodged in his heart, and the boy s tears dislodge the pieces in his eyes. So it is a romantic love story, not a tale of sibling love, and the queen is evil.
3. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
The original tale of one of the beloved Disney princesses, Snow White, has not been changed much from the original tale by the Brothers Grimm, except, it is not the princess heart but her liver and lungs that the Evil Queen wants, to be served for dinner. In the end, the Queen is forced to dance to death, wearing hot iron shoes. The third fact, in ascending order of shock element, is that she isn t awakened by a kiss, but by the jostling of the prince s horse on which he carries her to the castle. What s shocking is the possible reason why the prince might take home am apparently dead girl.
4. Sleeping Beauty
Though the movie resembles the Grimm Brother s Briar Rose, Disney credits Charles Perrault s version where the prince s part ogre mother wants Sleeping Beauty and her children, cooked and served as dinner, and falls in a pit with deadly creatures which she builds to avenge being served animal meat instead of her desired meal. In an earlier version, i.e. Giambattista Basile s Sun, Moon, and Talia, Sleeping Beauty wakes up when the flax is removed on her finger being sucked by one of her twins, whom she conceives and births after being raped during her 100 years of cursed sleep.
5. Cinderella
Cinderella s origin lies in a variety of similar stories, like the story of Rhodopis, Giambattista Basile s Cenerentola, Charles Perrault s Cendrillon, and many folklores, with only variations regarding the presence of the Godmother or magic, or the shoe material. Brothers Grimm s Aschenputtel is helped by doves sent by her mother from heaven; the step sisters cut off their toes or heels to fit into the shoes. In the end, the doves peck their eyes out. One tale suggests that Cinderella kills her first step mother, while another says she escapes her incestuous father and meets the prince in a new land.

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