Deadly Computer Viruses - 1
Deadly Computer Viruses
Read about the worst computer viruses of all time.
1. Deadly Computer Viruses
In simple terms, a virus can aptly be called a virtual disease which affects a computer system and makes it sick, forcing to act in a manner undesired by the user. No good deed goes unpunished, and with the joys and leisure that were brought by the computer, along came the viruses to ruin all the fun. There are billions of viruses out there, big and small. But there were some that stood out and ruined things for us in a spectacular fashion. Below is a list of 10 of the deadliest virus which create havoc in the virtual as well as?the real world.
2. I love you
The three words that can at most motivate you to cross the seven seas or at least tempt you to open en email. This very temptation was the downfall of many computer users when this multipurpose multi skilled virus hit the web. It had the ability to replicate itself via IRC chat and email, transfer and hide itself in different files and folders, and infect the registry keys once you opened an email in you inbox declaring I Love You. The virus thought to be originated somewhere in the Philippines, caused damage which was estimated to be around $8 10 billion.
3. Melissa
The creator of this virus received a 20 month jail sentence and a $5000 fine. Generated over a decade ago, this clever piece of virtual disease operated through Microsoft Outlook. This is how it worked: you receive an email titled Here is the Document you asked for from an unknown sender, you got infected as soon as you opened the email, and the virus would replicate and delivers itself to the top 50 people on your list without you getting a hint of it. Some major US government departments were hit and the damage is thought to be around $1 billion at least. A 20 month jail sentence well deserved.
4. MyDoom
MyDoom?was instigated somewhere in mid 2004 and it actually prompted US senator to propose the creation of a National Virus Response Centre. The virus attacked in two phases; the first phase infected different Operating Systems, creating inroads and backdoors and making them vulnerable to external users. Once this problem was sorted out, the MyDoom struck again after few months, this time targeting the Search Engines like Google, slowing them down considerably, and crashing a few.
5. Nimda
Spell it backwards and you will understand its prime targets: yes, the Admin and servers. It was basically a worm and has the record of being the fastest ever virus to spread; it took only 22 minutes to break into the list of top ten most deadly viruses of all times. It basically targeted?internet?servers?and websites, creating a mass crater through which thousands of computers were affected at the same time. Once infected, the systems became exposed to open attacks by the outsiders.

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