Effective Exercises You Can Do Anywhere - 1
Effective Exercises You Can Do Anywhere
Effective Exercises You Can Do Anywhere
1. Burpees
Muscles worked: everything If you dont know what a burpee is then all your childhood coaches must have had very kind hearts. They are probably the bane of every athletes existence, but there is a reason for that
2. Handstand Pushups
Muscles worked: shoulders, triceps, abs This is one of those workouts that will probably leave most people thinking yea, right. Its really not that bad though. If you cant hold a handstand, find a door or a wall to support your legs. Also, put a pillow between your hands just in case you come down and find yourself unable to push back up. If you cant go down at all though, thats fine. Just try to hold a handstand.
3. Shrugs
Muscles worked: traps Your traps (neck muscles) are one of the hardest parts of your body to target without having some sort of weight in your hands. In fact, unless you can find some parallel bars, hang from them upside down, and do inverted pullups you are going to need to improvise. Probably the easiest thing you can do is stuff your suitcase and use that as a stand-in dumbbell.
4. Sprints
Muscles worked: heart, lower body Finding a good spot to run while you are on the road is not easy. You dont know the area and if youre in a bad part of town then it may just be best to stay in your hotel room. Oh well, so much for cardio. No! Quit that defeatist attitude. Its back to the hallway
5. 1 Leg Squats
Muscles worked: quads, glutes, hamstrings If doing a one legged squat seems intimidating, dont worry, its not as crazy as it seems. Start off by using a chair and then gradually wean yourself off of it.

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