Expert Tips on Integrating Mobile and Cloud Strategies - 1
Expert Tips on Integrating Mobile and Cloud Strategies
Expert Tips on Integrating Mobile and Cloud Strategies
1. Recognize that mobile and cloud are symbiotic and synergistic
Cloud and mobile are symbiotic as they rely on each other for greater benefit. They re also synergistic in that their combined use produces greater value than the sum of their separate uses. Cloud strategy provides a resource platform anywhere we might require one, while mobile strategy extends reach everywhere we could possibly go, said Scott Maurice (@scottjmaurice), managing partner, Avail Partners. When cloud and mobile are combined it creates an entirely new way of operating a business, said Sabrinath Rao (@Commvault), head of virtualization, cloud business unit, Commvault. They ve been linked for some time now due to cloud infrastructures ability to solve many of the challenges of mobile computing such as scale, frequent updating, and heterogeneous platform support, explained Charles Moore (@delphix), product marketing, Delphix.
2. Develop a cloud first and a mobile first strategy
Many technology companies have switched to cloud first and mobile first strategies, meaning that they develop for the cloud and mobile before they do on other platforms, said Max Dufour (@maxdufour), partner, Harmeda. In fact, Sravish Sridhar (@sravish), founder and CEO, Kinvey, suggest you go one step further and use the cloud to build your mobile apps as if you had no legacy infrastructure holding you back. Cloud and mobile are not a happy accident. You can t build cloud as a way to hope to enable mobile, said Tim Crawford (@tcrawford), CIO strategic advisor, AVOA. Look upstream and leverage mobile applications to drive opportunities to leverage cloud.
3. Expose APIs to mobile
Put an API layer between mobile and cloud, advised Chris Purpura (@ChrisPurpura), VP of digital enterprise strategy, MuleSoft. Most mobile applications need to access many backend services, which might include identity, CRM, location, storage, social graph, customer history, and payment status? With an API strategy and platform in place, you can easily swap or update services behind the scenes. To fast track your mobile development efforts, Jeff Bolden (@BlueLotusSIDC), managing partner, Blue Lotus SIDC, suggests you utilize the mobile SDKs offered by public cloud providers to take advantage of the server PaaS you are using. Do it with some trepidation, warned Bernard Golden (@bernardgolden), VP of strategy, ActiveState, One challenge with using a cloud provider s mobile APIs is that the user is committed to that provider s framework and APIs. This makes it difficult to migrate an application to another environment.
4. Test in public cloud, move to private cloud for production
A mix of private, public, managed cloud model to deliver mobile services will give you flexibility, scalability, and cost effectiveness. You can develop and test mobile applications in public cloud first (to gain cost efficiency and easy access to compute resources), then move the applications to private cloud when in production (to protect sensitive data or comply with regulatory requirements for data sovereignty), suggested Terence Ngai (@TerenceCNgai), head of cloud delivery and go to market, HP.
5. Understand the how what where when and who of data
The key to creating an effective cloud and mobile strategy lies in context. By understanding the details surrounding app usage in real time (what data is being shared with whom, if it's being shared with someone outside of the organization, what sensitive data is at risk for compromise), IT gains the ability to make informed policy decisions around mobile and cloud usage, said Sanjay Beri (@sanjberi), CEO and founder, Netskope. Further, it enables IT to spot suspicious activity and take appropriate counteraction right away. A strategy based on contextual understanding of cloud and mobile usage helps your organization move into the business of brokering safe cloud usage.

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