Good Things you can do for your Body - 1
Good Things you can do for your Body
Good Things you can do for your Body
1. Meditation
Meditation may seem like a passing trend, but the newly popular practice touts some serious health benefits.Om ing is optional, but regularly taking 10 20 minutes to unwind and focus on yourself is one of the greatest secrets to longevity. Meditation is going to help with stress reduction,better sleep, lower blood pressure, improved immunity, and improved cardiovascular function, says Kerry Bajaj, a certified health coach at the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City. Its also going to make you feel much better because youre disconnecting from all the stimulation of life.
2. sleep
Its no secret that most hard working guys are sleep deprived, but just because its common does not mean its OK. Sleep makes or breaks a healthy lifestyle. All that time and effort you spend eating right and working out wont be as effective and your physique will actually be harder to maintain if youre not getting seven to eight hours a night. Catching up on sleep on the weekends wont work either. Research from Rochester University suggests that insufficient sleep disrupts our brains ability to flush toxins from the body and as a result, can impair brain function. So, when you show up for work after a bad night s sleep and you re unable to focus on anything thats why.
3. Drink warm water with lemon
Drink warm water with lemon
4. Drink tea
Drink more tea. Just do it. Aside from water, tea might be the best beverage for your body. Research published in theEuropean Journal of Clinical Nutritionshows that regular consumption of green tea can improve memory and cognition in men. Green tea is also credited with a host of other health boosting benefits, like firing up yourmetabolism, lowering blood pressure, preventing bad breath, boosting immunity, and acting as an anti inflammatory agent.
5. Floss
Flossing wont just make your pearly whites brighter, the habit will improve your health on a much deeper level. If your gums get infected, the bacteria in your mouth can enter the bloodstream and lead to inflammation throughout the body, says Bajaj.

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