Highly Glamorous Buildings in the World - 1
Highly Glamorous Buildings in the World
Highly Glamorous Buildings in the World
1. Highly Glamorous Buildings in the World
Our planet is full with countless beautiful and remarkable buildings. Some of them are known for their beautiful construction, while others track their history from ancient times. A few of the buildings are gigantic and known for their modest architecture. But there are some buildings in the world which are glamorous and look really amazing. Their construction is so gorgeous that we cannot stop ourselves from getting impressed. Let us take a look at the 10 highly glamorous buildings in the world.
2. Aquarium Blue Planet
The Aquarium Blue Planet is a spectacular piece of architecture by 3XN, a Copenhagen based architecture company. This aquarium is the largest and most stunning aquarium in the world, having swirling silver eye catching whirlpools. The overall environment is very pleasant and impressive to make you a fan of its beauty. The building is situated close to Copenhagen Airport.
3. Hutong London Bridge and Bermondsey
Although there is no short of restaurants and lodges in London but when it comes to a glamorous building then Hutong London Bridge & Bermondsey is a wonderful and stunning Chinese restaurant. It is situated in Northern London. The restaurant is not only known for its delicious food, but also it is beautifully constructed. Both internally and externally, the Hutong London Bridge & Bermondsey gives a feel of being in a palace of dreams.
4. Hotel Parkroyal
Hotel Parkroyal is a design of world famous WOHA Architects. This is another wonderful and marvelous building and one of the best hotels of Singapore. The hotel is spacious with expanded parking area, two indoor gardens, swimming pool, indoor gyms and its different stories have various luxurious rooms for the guests. If you are planning to stay at Hotel Parkroyal, then let me tell you that the price for one night stay starts from $150.
5. The Roof Gardens Kensington
You can give any name to this restaurant / food point, but what it is known for is its exclusive style of construction. The locals name The Roof Gardens Kensington a dreamy and romantic place for the visitors. It is much expensive but the food served at this restaurant is unbeatable in terms of its taste and quality. During the daytime, this food point gives a feel of oasis and when you are here for dinner deal, you will feel like you are sitting in a lavish building and enjoying a lovely and romantic dinner. The gorgeous canvas of this restaurant will definitely captivate your attention.

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