Interesting Bisha Mistrys Mehndi Designs - 1
Interesting Bisha Mistrys Mehndi Designs
a completely different style, Bisha Mistry can provide you with ideas and designs.
1. Design 1
This mehndi design for the hands is ideal for to be brides to mark their memorable day. This traditional floral design goes well with Indian outfits and can complement the overall look. The intricate design and spacing are so precise that they speak volumes about the expertise of the design artist.
2. Design 2
This design is another fine piece of art from Bisha Mistry. While closely inspecting the design, you can easily make it out to be the masterwork of a fine and qualified artist. The portrayal of the peacock in the centre of the palm is the highlight of this intriguing design.
3. Design 3
Bisha Mistry is not only appreciated for her traditional bridal designs, but has also proven her expertise in contemporary mehndi designs. This white henna design at the back of the hand is perfect for young girls and can suit any occasion. The design also works as a great skin decoration.
4. Design 4
This is one of those Bisha esque, flawless designs, transferred beautifully on the hands with superb perfection. This mehndi design by Bisha Mistry is one of the most sought after ones that has become a craze with one and all. This lovely design is made using Ash Kumar glitter gels, mainly black, blue, pink and golden colors.
5. Design 5
Bisha Mistry is acclaimed worldwide for her customized designs. She works dedicatedly to create intricate designs to suit her client s need. This design also finds its place in the top 10 list of this celebrated mehndi artist. Perfect for the occasion of a wedding in the family, this design is loved by one and all.

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