Most Beautiful Eyes In The World - 1
Most Beautiful Eyes In The World
You will find sets of the most beautiful eyes in the world belonging to some of the most beautiful w
1. Aishwarya Rai
Our very own desi beauty Aishwarya Rai is not only an owner of a pretty face but she also possesses beautiful light coloured blue eyes. Who can deny that most of our hearts have skipped a beat or two whenever we have been exposed to these pair of beautiful eyes. She is obviously also listed among the most beautiful eyes in India too!
2. Angelina Jolie
She is drop dead gorgeous and has got New feline eyes that men drool over whenever she appears on screen or off screen. Cat eyes or eyes sans makeup, she stuns everyone on this planet with her sharp looks.
3. Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor also known as Liz Taylor is an unparallel beauty with gorgeous dark blue eyes which often appeared purple. Her beautiful blue eyes with sexy thick lashes is every woman?s desire and every man?s dream.
4. Madhubala
Salaam aapki meethi nazar ko salaam.She was such a gorgeous lady that one of the costars was obliged to say,I was very nervous working with her, so nervous that Id forget my dialogue. When I looked at her, I was lost. I was tonguetied. Yes, she had that effect on me. Her beautiful eyes in the world did most of the talking in her movies, she had such dreamy and expressive eyes. How can we not speak of them when recounting the most beautiful eyes in India then, now and forever!
5. Charlize Theron
Besides being a beautiful talented actor, she has a perfect pair of green eyes. Men have always instantly fallen in love with these lovely seducing eyes.

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