Most Beautiful Red Flowers - 1
Most Beautiful Red Flowers
Here we are discussing some of the most beautiful red flowers found all around the world.
1. Red roses
Roses are considered as the most beautiful of all flowers. They come in a number of colors and represent deep love, intelligence and concentration. Red roses are the most widely known symbol of love. It stands for appreciation and fidelity and represents the strongest message of love. This rose is hugely popular on Valentine s Day when couples present each other with red roses. Thus red roses equal love, passion and desire.
2. Petunia
This is a beautiful red flower which blooms in variegated shades of red and white or yellow and white or purple and white. This one is certainly one of the best looking flowers. But this attractive flower represents haughtiness, resentment and anger over something the recipient has done.
3. Trumpet creeper
This unique looking flower gets its name from trumpet, a musical instrument, which it resembles closely. It is a high climbing woody vine creeper capable of growing as tall as 40 feet. It comes in colors like red, yellow and orange bloom but has some invasive properties.
4. Cardinal
This ostentatiously beautiful flower comes in shades like deep red, crimson and scarlet bloom. Cardinal flower is closely related to the specie of genus lobelia and is native to North and Central America.
5. Anthurium
Anthurium is a tropical flower and its name came from a Greek word which means tail flower . It has a glossy, heart shaped bright flower bract which surrounds the true flower which blooms in the form of a spike at the center. It comes in shades like red, pink, lilac, green and brown. Anthurium flower stands for hospitality, happiness and abundance.

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