Most Beautiful but Strange Flowers - 1
Most Beautiful but Strange Flowers
Flowers, with their bright colours and unique shapes, are a wonder of the nature.
1. Swaddled Babies
The Angloua Uniflora is a beautiful orchid which is commonly known by the name, Swaddled Babies. The plant grows in the Columbian Andes. The most stunning feature of the plant is its flowers which are large, creamywhite and waxy. Their structure is quite complex, and at a certain stage of opening, they start to look like a baby wrapped in swaddling cloth. Each flower blooms from a single stem from the base of the pseudobulbs.
2. Hookers Lips
While many might consider it an exaggerated description, the Psychotria Elata, also called the Hookers Lips or Kissing Lips plant, is absolutely genuine. It exists in the tropical rainforests of Central and Southern Africa. The waxy bract, which is a modified or specialized leaf, associated with the flower, is bright red in colour, and is shaped like the luscious lips of a woman, complete with a welldefined cupids bow. The actual starshaped flowers emerge from the bracts centre.
3. Monkey Orchid
The Dracula Simia or the Monkey Orchid is also known as the monkeylike Dracula. This is a rare species of orchids which is found to grow in the cloud forests of southeastern parts of Ecuador and Peru. The orchid is called so because it has flowers which display an odd arrangement of column, petals and lip that strongly resembles the face of a monkey ?a baboon, to be more specific. The flowers bear the fragrance of a ripe orange.
4. Naked Man Orchid
The Orchis italica is often referred to as theItalianorchid, owing to its Mediterranean region where it generally grows in large numbers. But, more commonly, it is known as the naked man orchid. This is because, the amazing flowers of the orchid have petals that look like naked men. The flowers are a combination of bright pink and white in colour, and they are all clustered densely. These strangely shaped flowers make the plant quite popular.
5. Dove Orchid Or Holy Ghost Orchid
Peristeria is an orchid that is commonly found to grow across much of South America, along with Panama, Trinidad and Costa Rica. One look inside the pure white flower reveals a structure hidden inside it, which looks like dove. In fact, sitting cosy in the centre within the petals is an entire dove, complete with raised wings with tiny pink dots, and a tiny yellow beak. This structure is the reason behind its name. It is indeed one very peaceful looking flower.

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