Most Popular Superstitions Around The World - 1
Most Popular Superstitions Around The World
Superstition is the belief in supernatural causality that one event causes.
1. Itchy palms
There seems to be a lot of variations on this superstition but the idea of having an itchy palm generally refers to someone who is greedy or has an insatiable desire for money. Some people believe that if the right palm itches you will lose money while an itchy left palm means that money is coming your way. If both palm itches you may want to go to a doctor for that.
2. Four leaf clover
Though the origin of wishing over a four leaf clover is lost to antiquity it has long been a symbol of good luck and fortune. It has also been used in some traditions for finding a husband or a wife. The way this works (for you single people) is by first finding a four leaf clover (good luck with that one) if you happen to find one you must then eat it (or put it inside your shoe but eating is more fun). After this the luck powers will activate and the first person you come contact after the activation will be your future mate (Word of warning stay clear of anyone you dont want as a future mate).
3. God bless you
For many; saying God Bless You after someone sneezes is a gesture of politeness. However the origin to such formality finds its roots in Pope Gregory the Great who would say it to people who sneezed during a bubonic plague; and from the erroneous belief that the soul escapes the body during a sneeze and the heart momentarily stops. Therefore saying God bless you was a way of welcoming the person back to life.
4. Breaking a mirror
Weve already mentioned how mirrors are believed to be soul sucking mystical items (which is bad enough) but what happens when you break these devices of misfortune? Why seven years of bad luck of course! Some superstitious sources state that the trapped souls adversely influence your luck. And here you thought you were doing them a favor! Nope make sure those suckers stay inside that mirror.
5. Knock on wood
Knocking on wood or simply saying knock on wood after making a hopeful statement finds its roots in the idea that youre tempting fate by acknowledging your good fortune. Its believed that the expression comes from an ancient belief that good spirits lived in trees so by knocking on something wooden a person was calling on the spirits for protection. Another reason why we should all be tree hugers.

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