Most Well Travelled Peoples In The World - 1
Most Well Travelled Peoples In The World
There are a number of people claiming to have visited every country in the world.
1. Finland
And so we come to the end of our list, topped by the most well travelled people in the world: the Finnish! Taking an average of 7.5 trips per person per year, the Finnish prioritize climate and culture when choosing a vacation. As with most other nationalities below, Fins mostly travel within the country but are the second most likely (after Hong Kongers) to travel internationally. While residents of many other northern countries prefer to visit warmer (frequently Mediterranean) countries for leisure trips, Fins most frequently visited Estonia and Sweden.
2. United States
The only non Nordic country on our top five, the United States is one of the most diverse countries on Earth, geographically and ethnically. The wide variety of tourist attractions partly leads Americans to keep their trips domestic. Though the average American takes 6.7 trips each year, only 0.2 of those (less than 3%) are abroad. With many families spread out across multiple cities, many domestic trips are to reunite for the holidays. Despite their frequent travels, Americans are among the least well travelled internationally among citizens from Western countries.
3. Sweden
If you see a Scandinavian looking blond tanning on the beach or by the pool, you re likely looking at a Swede! Among people from Nordic countries, Swedes put a major focus on sunbathing and swimming. The third best travelled people in the world, Swedes won t be stopping anytime soon: over 50% of Swedish citizens say they plan to travel more in the upcoming year.
4. Denmark
Besides having fun and friendly personalities, Danes are major travelers! Like other Nordic countries, workers in Denmark receive 5 6 weeks of vacation annually which many locals often take weeks at a time in the summer or, if possible, during the cold and dark winter. Among all the Nordic countries, Danes are the most fond of cruises and of sampling local food and culinary traditions while travelling.
5. Norway
The fifth most travelling nationality in the world, Norwegians kick off Nordic domination of this list. Extremely high incomes and near constant favorable exchange rates lead Norwegians to travel frequently to Europe and further afield. Taking an average of 5.2 trips each year (2 of which are international), Norwegians are also big spenders, dishing out 90% more money than the standard European tourist while on vacation.

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