New Lotus flower Tattoo Designs - 1
New Lotus flower Tattoo Designs
New Lotus flower Tattoo Designs
1. Mid back lotus flower tattoo
Perhaps she/tattoo artist intended not to color the lotus flower, it is already beautiful just the way it is.
2. White lotus flower
A white lotus flower means purity of both spirit and mind. I like the way the flower is tattooed on her.
3. Purple and blue lotus flowers
These flowers mean spirituality and wisdom. I guess both are crucial to be enlightened.
4. 3 red lotus flower tattoos
I think its universal, that the red color always represents love.
5. Sketched effect lotus flower tattoo
I think it is too simple, and if one looks from afar, you may not recognize it right away. Up close it is a beautiful sketched lotus flower design.

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