Outrageous Werewolves Facts You Probably Never Knew - 1
Outrageous Werewolves Facts You Probably Never Knew
Outrageous Werewolves Facts You Probably Never Knew
1. Outrageous Werewolves Facts 1
Fascinated with occultism and old German mythology, Adolf Hitler used the word Werwolf (German spelling of Werewolf) as a codename for one of his headquarters in the WWII.
2. Outrageous Werewolves Facts 2
Thanks to their fearsome reputation, werewolves became popular in Gothic horror genre at the beginning of the 19th century and their popularity was on increase, leading up to the first mainstream werewolf film, 1935s Werewolf of London.
3. Outrageous Werewolves Facts 3
Although wolf attacks on humans are very rare nowadays, there have been several cases of man eating wolf packs. One of the scariest happened in 1996 when a pack of wolves repeatedly attacked villages in Uttar Pradesh, India. The hungry wolves focused mainly on young children and they actually succeed in seizing and eating a few of them. Scared by the brutal attacks, the locals then believed it was werewolves who killed the children.
4. Outrageous Werewolves Facts 4
Werewolves are thought to have supernatural healing abilities and are known to be immune to damage caused by ordinary human weapons. The only thing supposed to hurt them is a silver object, primarily a silver bullet. It might have been inspired by the Beast of Gevaudan that was allegedly killed with a silver consecrated bullet.
5. Outrageous Werewolves Facts 5
In 1999 in the USA, 907 people insured themselves against turning into werewolves.

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