Overpriced Technologies - 1
Overpriced Technologies
The Most Overpriced Gadgets of All Time
1. Overpriced Technologies
Perhaps it is just the economic climate, but everyone seems to be looking at where they can cut costs. One place people overlook where they could cut costs is in their computer habits. There are many little money sinks here and there which can add up to some really big dollars in the long haul.
2. High Quality Digital Cables
I m not sure where the belief that you had to have the top of the line cables to make your computer or home entertainment system run at its peak levels. Perhaps it is a hold over from analog days, where cable quality really did matter. For digital streams of data, there is very little, if any, benefit to buying top of the line cables. A digital signal only had two possible states, on and off. As long as the system understands the current bit, it makes no difference if the cable was five bucks or five hundred. The quality of the bits going through the cable makes no difference.
3. Printer Ink
I m sure most people know about the insanity of printer ink s price. However, this wouldn t be a real list of overpriced technology without highlighting it. Printer cartridges are much like razor blades. Most manufacturers will take a loss on the printer itself, counting on making their money back on selling ink cartridges. Since refilling or using non name brand cartridges can be really bothersome, they can charge almost anything they want for the cartage. Which tends to be an arm and a leg.
4. Text Messages
It is really insane just how much people is charged for text messages. Data wise, a text message is practically nothing. For example, I am writing this article on Open Office. If I were to save a completely blank document in Open Office s default file format, it comes out to 7.04 KB. Using that same amount of memory, I could create about seventy one text messages. Makes you wonder why you re paying per text or for a twenty buck a month texting plan, huh?
5. Brand Name Components
As with many things, brand name components are often priced at a premium. While they are sometimes constructed better or have other features that the buyer may want, sometimes they aren t worth the heavier price. Unless you re going into some very high end work or gaming on your computer, you don t really need to go all out on name brand parts. This is particularly true with computer accessories. While Apple is the one that everyone picks on for selling their brand name parts and accessories at a premium, every major company does it somewhere. Knowing where you can cut back and use an off label part for the same effect can allow you to save big.

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