Portrait Photography tips for Beginners - 1
Portrait Photography tips for Beginners
101 Portrait Photography tips for Beginners
1. Photograph the subject in their native environment
Some people just don t belong in a studio. They feel awkward and it shows in camera. So instead of forcing Grandpa into the Walmart Photo Studio, let him go to work in his workshop and photograph him doing what he loves. Instead of tears and tantrums when you try to dress up your child all pretty for studio punishment, let him
2. Never shoot kids or babies from your normal standing height
This is the view we always have of kids the tops of their heads. Get down on the ground and take images from their level.
3. Consider giving the subject space to look into
Place the subject on one side of the image and have them look into space (not the camera) towards the other side of the frame.
4. Window light
Don t have an expensive studio or want to get more natural portraits? Normal lighting in a house or during the heat of the day is not flattering on skin; however, once light passes through a window, it is very soft and diffused. Consider placing your subject next to a window so the light hits the model at an angle (not looking straight out the window). Without much effort, you ve created beautiful light which studios strain to copy.
5. NEVER use the on camera flash
On camera flash gives a deer in the headlights look to even the most beautiful subject. Because the light is perfectly in line with the lens, the light hits the subject squarely and creates a flat light that is far from flattering. If you choose to use a flash, it s truly necessary to get an external flash that can be mounted to the side of the photographer.

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