Powerful Militaries In The World - 1
Powerful Militaries In The World
1. United States
Despite its recent geopolitical misadventures and its withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq, the United States armed forces remains the most powerful in the world with the worlds largest defense budget.
2. Russia
Massive modernization and an impressive procurement program by Putin during the past two decades have made the Russian military one of the most powerful in the world. In two instances (Ukraine and Ossetia) in which the Russian military was called upon to prove their might, they didnt fail to impress.
3. China
The Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) is the official name for the armed forces of the Peoples Republic of China. It is the worlds largest military force, with the strength of approximately 2.3 million personnel, which is only 0.18 percent of the countrys population.
4. India
With over 1.3 million active personnel, it is the worlds third largest military force and the worlds second largest volunteer military. It currently ranks as the fourth most powerful military in the world overall.
5. France
France might not be the great military power it used to be, however, its still within the top ten most powerful militaries. Highlights of its involvement include the war on terror in Mali, Afghanistan, Libya, and currently against ISIS.

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