Rare Cat Breeds From Around The World - 1
Rare Cat Breeds From Around The World
Most of us know a Persian or a Siamese cat when we spot one.
1. Norwegian Forest Cat
Country of origin Norway This badass little kitty is as tough as nails. Any cat hearty enough to travel the high seas with the Vikings must be exceptionally energetic and fiercely loyal.
2. Egyptian Mau
Country of origin Egypt Clocking in at over 30 mph, this fearless feline is the fastest domesticated cat known to man. In ancient Egypt, these cats were so revered they were even mummified.
3. Devon Rex
Country of origin United Kingdom These sultry, devilish looking cats are known for being pranksters. Their large eyes and pointed ears also help to give them an elflike allure.
4. Sphynx
Country of origin Canada Arguably the most bizarre looking cat in existence, the Sphynx is actually pretty strong and surprisingly rare. If you ve ever wanted to know what cats look like without their fur, this is as close as it gets.
5. Chartreux
Country of origin France These gorgeous kitties are equal parts intelligent and seductive. They won t complain to you the way some other breeds will, and will usually respect your personal space as long as you respect theirs.

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