Rules to play Bank Pool - 1
Rules to play Bank Pool
Bank Pool is a game where legally pocketed balls must be banked into the pocket.
1. Bank pool
Bank pool?is a?pool (pocket billiards)?game that has as its most fundamental requirement that all scoring shots in the game must be made by?banking?a called ball off a?cushion?and into a called pocket. While the game has multiple variations, the predominant version through much of its history was played with a full fifteenball?rack, of which the winning player was required to legally pocket eight balls. A shortened version of the game using nine balls of which the players must legally pocket five for the win, often called nineball banks, gained popularity in the 1990s and 2000s and is the subject of international professional competition and televised matches.
2. Bank Pool Rules
Bank pool rules outline the game of bank pool or billiards, which is a very good game to force one to practice their bank shots.
3. Bank Pool Billiards Rules
Bank Pool should be played according to the General Rules of Pocket Billiards unless explicitly noted otherwise in this specific Bank Pool rule set.
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4. Type of Game
Bank Pool is a game where legally pocketed balls must be banked into the pocket using one or more banks. Any ball on the table can be selected.
5. Object of Bank Pool Billiards
The object of Bank Pool is to be the first player, or team, to legally sink eight balls. The goal is to outscore your opponents by pocketing bank shots, as the name suggests. For the shot to accrue points for the shooting player, it must be a legal bank shot.

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