Stunning Mehndi Designs - 1
Stunning Mehndi Designs
Mehndi designs simply brighten our day Here are some mehndi designs for arms that will look simple.
1. Designs 1
Mesmerizing! The intricate details on this mehndi design are beautiful with a large array of details and motifs. The attractions being the large floral designs extend from the palm and to the arm. The floral designs also include shading, giving depth to the pattern. The paisley and floral mehndi pattern gives it a glowing effect.
2. Designs 2
A beautiful and unique design any mehndi lover won t reject! The design accentuates the arm with the weave pattern and the shading around it. The small details and motifs make this a really unique design to try. This can be done alone or done with a matching design on the palm. In any way, this pattern is surely going to turn heads.
3. Designs 3
Paisley designs are a staple motif in Indian mehndi designs. This beautiful bridal design starts from the elbow area and extends to the palm. It s a perfect design for the bride.
4. Designs 4
This design stands out with its unique shape and the intricate details. The design looks like an armlet and covers the wrist and extends till the fingers. The paisley and the small spiral motifs stand out and the shading too makes it look quite unique. This is surely a nice way to give a beautiful look to the back of your palms.
5. Designs 5
This beautiful design covers till the elbow and is truly a work or art. The mirrored design is done on both hands with paisley designs & its small details. The design also includes a half circle on each wrist circled with leaf patterns which turn whole on joining the two hands. The beauty of this pattern comes from the intricate details on the palm, on the fingers and the bracelet like design on the arms.

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