The Beautiful Brazil - 1
The Beautiful Brazil
Brazil land of the beautiful One city, Florianopolis, is rumoured to be home to the most gorgeous pe
1. Beautiful Brazil
Filled with numerous beaches, breathtaking landscapes and pristine rainforests, Brazil is one of the most enchanting places to travel in South America. As the country gears up to host the 2016 Olympic Games, we take a look at Brazils cultural diversity and its exotic natural beauty.
The bay is frequented by dolphins and thus a favorite hangout for dolphin spotters, especially the cliff top. The rich waters of Bay of Dolphins, also known as Baia dos Golfinhos,within the National Marine Park ofFernando de Noronha, makes it practically impossible to identify all the varieties of sea life they hold.
The city was once used as a refuge by Empress Maria Tereza from the blistering heat of Rio. In the recent past, the city hosted the Brazilian national football squad for three long decades. It is also famous its breathtaking landscapes and natural treasures.
The world famous steps in Rio de Janeiro are the work of the Chilean born artist Jorge Selarón. The 250 steps of the staircase are covered with over 2,000 tiles collected from over 60 countries.
The entire beach is demarcated into several postos (posts), each representing a different set of activities or culture. So, if postos 9 is the destination for tanned body enthusiasts, postos 10 is known for its sports activities. Famous for surfing, the surfs can often reach up to the height of nine feet in winters.

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