The Best Square Cars of all Time - 1
The Best Square Cars of all Time
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With Qoros unveiling the curiously named QorosQloud Qubed at the 2014 LA Auto Show, is it time to celebrate all that is boxy in the car world? We think so, which is why we ve?ahem, searched the four corners of the automotive world to bring you the 10 best square cars of all time. As Huey Lewis once sang, it s hip to be square. Yeah
Aside from winning the prize for the best car name in history, the QorosQloud Qubed will according to the Chinese brand learn from the driver over a period of time through the five senses , building a vehicle/driver relationship. According to Qoros, this is the ultimate connected driving experience . Are we sure we really want a relationship with our car?
Arguably the squarest car ever made, in the nicest possible way. Originally available solely in Japan, by the time the Cube reached its third generation, Nissan saw sense and exported it to Europe and North America.
Anything Nissan can do, Kia can do slightly different. The Kia Soul may not have the overall boxy charm of the Cube, but it does have flashing speaker surrounds and the current generation car is a huge improvement over the original.
Giorgetto Giugiaro got it right first time when he penned the design for the original 1980 Fiat Panda. Now on to its third generation, the Panda proudly wears its square credentials throughout its cabin and boxy exterior. There are squircles everywhere in the Panda.

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