The Worlds Craziest Bar Concepts - 1
The Worlds Craziest Bar Concepts
The high and low for some the coolest and strangest concept bars in the world.
Filled with stalactites and stalagmites, this nature made underground cavern is home to a restaurant and bar that can accommodate more than 300 people. With tables and lounge seats, Alux Caverna is primarily lit with candles, giving visitors a cozy vibe as they descend down the steps into the cave, which dates back more than 10,000 years. The Bar & Lounge space is located in the second biggest vault in the cave and often features DJs, bands, theater performances, and more in the underground setting. The Alux Restaurant, which serves Pre Hispanic, Mexican, and International foods, fits into the largest vault of the cave and just above it sits another dining area surrounding a limestone creation, called a cenote.
2. THE H R GIGER BAR in Chur Switzerland
Modeled after his other worldly designs in Alien, Swiss artist H.R. Giger opened this biomechanical themed bar in 1992. Despite skeletal arches that loom over guests and equally eerie chair designs, the bar serves up a pretty standard menu to go along with the spooky d?cor. Theres currently a second location in Gruyeres, as part of the Museum H.R. Giger, but if you cant make it over to Switzlerand to experience it yourself, dont worry. There are plans in the works to bring a Giger Bar to the U.S., with no official location announced yet.
3. SUBSIX in Maldives
Subsix, the worlds first underwater nightclub, opened in October 2012 off the coast of the Maldives and sits 20 feet (or six meters, hence the name) beneath the Indian Ocean. Floor to ceiling windows make it possible for visitors to view manta rays and fish swimming by, while they sip Pimm & Proper or Strawberry Balsamic Caipirinha cocktails, two of many selections from the drink menu. In order to protect coral reefs and other ocean creatures, Subsix was built above ground and then lowered into the water about a third of a mile from the coast, meaning guests take a boat to get to the bar. And if youre looking for a break from the underwater scene, you can head to Edge, an open air restaurant that sits above Subsix on the water.
4. ICEBAR in Stockholm Sweden
While many similarly themed bars have popped up at spots across the globe, this was the worlds first permanent ice bar when it was built in 2002. As part of the ICEHOTEL, visitors eager to experience the ICEBAR bundle up in jackets, with a cape and gloves provided by the company, and brave the negative five degree temperatures. Here, everything is made of ice, from the decorations, to the drink glasses, to the carved tables and seats. The bars entrance fee includes the 40 minute ICEBAR experience and your first drink. Ice used to create the bar is brought in from the Torne River and replaced each year, creating a fresh new design for your next visit.
5. SPARAKOFF PUB TRAM in Helsinki Finland
Enjoy a drink while you tour the city, on this tram that doubles as a bar. With a 35 person capacity, the bright red, 1950s inspired car travels around Helsinki for 40 minutes while serving up beer, cider, and other beverages. You can book the tram for your own private touring experience or hop on at Railway Square on the hour from May through August.

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