The Worlds Most Impressive Bridges - 1
The Worlds Most Impressive Bridges
A bridge is a structure built to span physical obstacles without closing the way underneath.
1. Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco USA
Spanning theGolden Gatestrait a channel betweenSan Francisco Bayand thePacific Ocean the Golden Gate Bridge is generally considered one of the most famous beautiful and photographed bridges in the world. At a length of 2737 m (almost 9000 ft) the bridge is recognized as a symbol of San Francisco California and the United States.
2. CizeBolozon Viaduct Cize France
The CizeBolozon Viaduct is a combinationrailand vehicularviaductcrossing theAin gorgeinEastern France and connecting the towns ofCizeandBolozon. As the original span built in the same location in 1875 was destroyed in World War II a new viaduct reopened here in May 1950.
3. Sydney Harbor Bridge Sydney Australia
Nicknamed The Coathanger because of its arch based design theSydney Harbor Bridgeis a steelthrough arch bridgeacrossSydney Harborthat connects theSydney Central Business District and theNorth Shore. Located next to the famous Sydney Opera House the bridge is an iconic landmark of both Sydney and Australia.
4. Allahverdi Khan Bridge Isfahan Iran
Popularly known asSi o seh pol(the bridge of 33 spans) the Allahverdi Khan Bridgeis one of 11 bridges found inthe city of IsfahanIranand the longest bridge on Zayandeh Riverwith a total length of almost 300m (980ft). At night when all thearches are lit up the bridge throws breathtaking reflections on the river below.
5. Royal Gorge Bridge Canon City USA
Built in 1929 the Royal Gorge bridgeis atourist attractionnearCanon CityColorado withinthe Royal Gorge Bridge & Park theme park. Crossing theRoyal Gorge955 ft (291m) above theArkansas River the bridge held the record ofhighest bridge in the worldfrom 1929 until 2001 when it was surpassed by the Liuguanghe Bridgein China.

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