The worlds Worst Supercars of All Time - 1
The worlds Worst Supercars of All Time
There are derivative designs, there are supercars with “great personalities” A newcomer to the world
1. The Worst Supercars
Okay, let s role play. Your name is Wentworth Chesterton Moneybags XII, and you can afford any vehicle in the world. Your heart is set on something rare, something fast, and something exotic; only a supercar will scratch your platinum plated itch. It doesn t even matter which one you choose it says super right there in the name! Its guaranteed vehicular awesomeness, right?Wrong, Wentles.History is littered with supercars from builders who ought to have concentrated on producing a good car before aiming for the automotive pantheon witness our alphabetical list of the most lamentable supercars of all time.
2. AUDI SPORT QUATTRO Years produced 1983 to 1984
Audi s history isn t exactly littered with supercars, and we fully appreciate that the Sport Quattro ticks the right boxes for brand aficionados: It has rallying heritage, it packs a brawny turbocharged five cylinder engine, and only 224 of them were built. But should anyone other than four ring fanboys care about this nubby little thing? It was birthed when an onslaught of far more compact, all wheel drive Group B rally cars began decimating the original Quattro, which was a derivative of the plain Jane Audi 4000. So the automaker s solution was to cut the wheelbase by a whopping 12.6 inches, which created a funky, nose heavy monster prone to vicious understeer. This version didn t find much competition success, either, despite the fact that Audi added a front spoiler worthy of a bulldozer. Go ahead and tout the Sport Quattro as iconic, just be sure not to let anyone see your Vorsprung durch Technik tattoo.
3. FERRARI 612 SCAGLIETTI Years produced 2004 to 2011
Ferrari has offered four seat models at the top of its range for decades, and more than a few of them have gone unappreciated, including the delicately styled 365GT4 two plus two of the early 70s, which later morphed into the 400 and 412. But one such model deserving of scorn is the 612 Scaglietti, which appears on this list not because it drives terribly (it won its only comparison test appearance) but because it s so damn hard to look at.Bloated in every direction, the 612 is stretched along a 116.1 inch wheelbase, three inches shorter than that of a base 2014 Chevy Silverado, is a full 193 inches long, and rises 52.9 inches from the pavement. The front end is a mess of intersecting lines, the side appears to be sagging, and (this is tragic for a car capable of blowing other cars into the weeds) the rear end is boring.Like a true supercar, it offers occupants poor visibility. For bystanders, though, the 612 Scaglietti is all too visible.
4. GUMPERT APOLLO Years produced 2005 to 2013
Roland Gumpert headed Audi s motorsports activities until the mid 80s, when a run of futility soured his relationship with then R&D boss Ferdinand Pi?ch. Gumpert was reassigned and hung on at Audi until 2004, when he set out to create his dream car in collaboration with MTM s Roland Mayer. Mayer soon bailed on the project, though, leaving Gumpert on his own to launch this track focused hyper weapon, which is powered by a twin turbocharged Audi V 8 and brimming with racing technology. The Apollo even held the N?rburgring lap record for a production car (since broken by the Porsche 918 Spyder).So why is it on this list? Frankly, were shocked it didnt fall apart in the attempt. Every example we ve seen has massive panel gaps and poor assembly quality, and the Apollo has an interior cobbled together with a random assemblage of generic parts. For this you ll fork over a minimum of $550,000, but at least your car will look like an intergalactic codpiece. You might not be surprised to learn that Gumpert the company recently filed for bankruptcy.
5. JAGUAR XJ220 Years produced 1992 to 1994
The XJ220 debuted as an all wheel drive, V 12 powered concept in 1988, inspiring excited Jaguar faithful to plunk down deposits on the promised production examples. Unfortunately for those people, they ended up with a car that diverged in critical ways from the show property. Indeed, when the XJ220 finally hit the streets (some four years following the concept s debut and after the red hot supercar market burst in spectacular fashion) it was equipped with a more simplistic powertrain that combined rear wheel drive and a turbocharged V 6. To add insult to injury, the engineering firm that handled much of the model s development work, TWR, birthed the XJR 15 supercar with the race bred V 12 the XJ220 did without. More than a few XJ220 customers tried to cancel their contracts, and you could purchase a new example of the car as late as 1997.

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