Tips to Feng Shui Your Home - 1
Tips to Feng Shui Your Home
Tips to Feng Shui Your Home
1. Fix your squeaks
Does your entry door squeak or whine when you open or close it? The entry door is the first and last thing you encounter when coming or going from your home The sound is as if the door is crying and this can affect your mood and wellbeing Many people have become so accustomed to the sound that they dont even notice it Oil that door hinge and create more positive energy when you enter and leave your house Its also helpful to oil any other door hinges throughout the home but the entry door is the most important
2. Use your front door
Many people live in homes where they drive up into the garage and use the back door to get in While this is very convenient from a Feng Shui perspective this may limit good energy and opportunities in your life because again the entry door represents how chi enters your home and life The easy Feng Shui fix? Start using the front door at least once week The more often the better! Just open and close it when you go get the mail or maybe to take walk Write it into your regular routine
3. Where to place that Feng Shui fountain
Water represents wealth in Feng Shui A lot of people ask me where the best place to locate a fountain for Feng Shui is According to Feng Shui principles its advantageous to place a water element such as a fountain near the entry of your home It can be just inside or just outside but the most important part is that the water should be flowing towards the center of your home That means that the wealth has the opportunity to pour into your life!
4. Plants above the kitchen cabinets
Take a look at your kitchen cabinets and check to see if they are built up the ceiling or a soffit It is good Feng Shui if there is no space above the kitchen upper cabinets This space above the kitchen cabinets attracts dust and stagnant energy The chi gets stuck there and encourages dead energy which may hold you back in your life If there is a space theres a Feng Shui adjustment for you! Place some lighting green plants (live or very realistic looking) or beautiful and loved objects in this location These objects bring life to this area and transforms the energy
5. Keep that bathroom door closed
Many people get concerned about the bathroom when it comes to Feng Shui The idea is that the water goes out of the home here Since water is related to wealth we dont want our money being flushed away I have also been taught that water comes back in as its being drained but to be safe I recommend that you keep the toilet seat cover down and the bathroom door closed to reduce this effect

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