Unreal Travel Destinations in Europe - 1
Unreal Travel Destinations in Europe
Unreal Travel Destinations in Europe You Didn. Summer is on the way, and we are already dreaming abo
1. Unreal Travel Destinations in Europe
Summer is on the way, and we are alreadydreaming about another vacay. Euro trip, anyone? Next time you decide to cross the Atlantic, make sure to check out these 31 incredible places that go beyond the stereotypical tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben. Its about time we rack up some frequentflier miles.
2. Hveravellir
Check out this nature reserve in Iceland to see pools of geothermal water.
3. Italian Riviera
Centered in Genoa, Italy, the Italian Riviera is on the edge of an area filled with small villages, fishing ports, and treefilled mountains.
4. Lofoten Islands
These Norwegian islands contain endless beaches, surrounded by large mountains. Its rare to find this kind of scenery anywhere else.
5. Museum aan de Stroom
The largest museum in Antwerp, Belgium, is a modern masterpiece that just opened a couple of years ago.

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