Ways Your IT Team Makes You Look Like a Hero - 1
Ways Your IT Team Makes You Look Like a Hero
Ways Your IT Team Makes You Look Like a Hero
1. They look out for each other
Our team is constantly watching each others backs, communicating, teaching and responding to each others needs and our clients needs, said Daniel Riedel (@riedelinc), CEO,New Context. This collaboration means we deliver our services on time, respond to incidents quickly, and keep operations going strong.
2. They anticipate organizational needs
The best way my team makes me look like a hero is by anticipating what the organization will want to have before the organization realizes it, and building the capability to satisfy that need in a pleasantly surprising fashion, offered Andy Ellis (@CSOAndy), CSO, Akamai. Andrew Auderieth (@datarealm), president, Datarealm, concurred: The single most effective action anyone on our team can do is prevent an issue or concern proactively.
3. They offer ideas
The ability to anticipate problems doesnt happen on its own. An IT leader must foster an environment that welcomes forward thinking behavior. For example, at Egnyte, co founder and CSO, Kris Lahiri (@KrisLahiri) has developed a positive culture that encourages everyone to learn from each other and innovate. This enables my team to be creative and develop new features or functionality that I did not originally have on my roadmap, said Lahiri. Bill Schrier (@BillSchrier), senior policy advisor, State of Washington Office of the CIO, said he never rejects an idea: I brainstorm with folks and figure out a way to use it, then I give them credit. I hope this inspires them to generate more ideas, talk well about the organization and then make the organization look like a hero.
4. They understand the business
Mark Herschberg, principal, White Knight Consulting, said that his team can identify problems before they become problems by working to understand the business. They dont just follow given requirements but understand how the business operates, said Herschberg. This thinking like the business clich? is critical, agreed Alex Hutton (@AlexHutton), faculty member, IANS: My experience is that the best conversations tend not to be fascination with unique or new technical capabilities, but discussions designed to anticipate how the business will react to technical change.
5. They take on other responsibilities
No one on our team ever uses the phrase thats not my job, said Tim Mullahy (@tmmullahy), general manager, Liberty Center One. They make us look good by tracking down answers to questions even if they arent the ones responsible for the task.

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