Ways to look better Instantly - 1
Ways to look better Instantly
Ways to look better Instantly
1. Find Good Suit and wear it
We have become a culture that considers an ill fitting, button down tucked into an old pair of khakis dressed up. Well, its not. Walking into the room and being the guy in the suit really makes you stand out in the best way possible. That can only build confidence, which leads to more success, which leads to a more fulfilling life, which leads to ... well, you get the point. I suggest a nice rich navy because it will go with just about everything. And a nice suit doesnt have to break the bankanymore. With options likeAlton Lane,J. Crew, andSuitsupply, you can find a quality suit that fits you the way it should for around $600.
2. Tailor Your Clothing all of it
Nothing says you dont care quite like clothing that doesnt fit. There was a time when a tailor was as important in a mans roledex as his barber, his bartendar, and his best friend. Somewhere along the line we started to think of a tailored look as a negative thing. Its not, and it never was. A well tailored wardrobe will likely cost you less in the long run. A shirt can cost you next to nothing and spending the extra change to make it fit properly will fool everyone into thinking you spent a lot more than you really did. Look to sites likeYelpto help you get an idea where the tailors near you are and if it would be worth the trip.
3. Step Up Your Shoe Care
Whether its high shine, cream shine, or brushed suede, keeping your shoes in good shape will elevate your overall apperance. Our feet are the foundation of our bodies. Our shoes are the foundation of our outfits. We dont suggest running a marathon in your old beat up trainers, and we dont suggest going on a blind date in an old beat up pair of Oxfords. Whether your shoes are$95or$895, a shoe that has been cared for will last longer and make a better impression. Also, the guy that takes care of your shoes is called aCobbler, not a shoe guy. Hell appreciate that you know that.
4. Match Your Shoe Belt and Accessories
Match doesnt have to meanmatch.If wearing a full suit or a more formal outfit, the leather or suede of the belt should match in color and sheen to the shoe, or as close as you can get.If wearing a more casual suit or outfit with something like aJack Purcell try a neutral leather,canvas, or mixed material wovenbelt for a cool look without trying to be too matchy matchy. Adding a bag, some gloves, or a hat?When in doubt, keep tones together (various shades of brown leather, but no black, or various blacks and grays, no browns).
5. Chose bolde Sock but not a crazy Sock
A lot can be said for a solid sock in a bold color. Once it gets busy with a lot of stripes, designs or polka dots, it can get distracting and take you from modern to messy. If you are not sure, I suggest stick to a classic and simple sock choice in a bold color. Personally, I have made my go to sock a nice cherry red. I put it with everything and just say it matches. Because it is a primary color, it tends to be bold without contrasting from most outfits. Dont like red? Thats fine. Find something you like and try it out. If it doesnt work, try something else. Luckily socks tend to be an inexpensive way to have fun with an outfit. An easy way to mix and match is to go withUniQlosolid socks priced at an easy to obtain four for $12.90.

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