White Henna Designs - 1
White Henna Designs
White henna looks really beautiful and you can get it inked on any part of your body.
1. Design 1
Look at this beautiful design made on the shoulders of the bride. This is a floral white henna design that is covering the major part of the shoulder. The design looks stunning. If you are planning to wear an offshoulder dress, do go for this design.
2. Design 2
If you want to get white henna done on the back of your hands, then this design is just perfect. It has beautiful patterns and swirls within, which are decorated with red glitter. This makes the design very appealing.
3. Design 3
Many pregnant women love to get henna inked on their belly. If you are also planning to get white henna on your belly, then heres a beautiful design of a heart surrounded by flowers and petals. Perfect for a baby shower!
4. Design 4
This is a very unique white henna design, which goes with heavy eye makeup. If you are the sort of beauty who loves to decorate her eyes, then you are definitely going to find this great. The white henna design is beautified by using a blue liner, mistyblue and pink eyeshadow to give a fairy like effect. Elegant yet dressy!
5. Design 5
White henna can make our legs look beautiful! Heres a beautiful design for you that will cover the whole of your legs. It is an alluring design with swirls and whooshes, which adds class to your legs making them look amazingly sexy.

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