Worlds Awesomest Tunnels - 1
Worlds Awesomest Tunnels
A pedestrian, cycle or animal tunnel beneath a road or railway is called a subway.
1. Zion Mount Carmel Tunnel
Zion National Park, Utah Remember when Wile E. Coyote tries to trick the Roadrunner into flattening himself (it s a him, right?) against a canyon wall by painting a tunnel? That s basically the Zion Mount Carmel Tunnel except for the whole fake thing. I promise it s not just a painting.
2. Lrdal
Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Leave it to the country that designed the dopest passports in history to craft a tunnel that looks like something out of Tolkien. It s 15.2 miles long, which makes it the longest roadway tunnel in the world, though those crafty Norwegians installed three rest areas highlighting natural cave formations along the tunnel s route. Oh, and those rest areas? They re lit a glowing blue and red to imitate the sunset. Makes me think the Holland tunnel could use some flourishes.
3. Guoliang
Henan Province, China Thirteen villagers carved 3/4 of a mile into the side of a mountain because their tiny hamlet was cut off from the rest of the world save for a breakneck climb up a 700 step staircase. It took them five years. Thirteen villagers. With hand tools. I don t know if that s more impressive than the sheer natural beauty of the Taihang mountains but, I mean, it s close right?
4. Sequoia Tree Tunnels
Sequoia National Park, California The iconic Wawona Tree tunnel may not be standing anymore it finally collapsed during an especially rough winter in 1969 after, uh, 2,100 years but you can still squeeze through the fallen Tunnel Log in Sequoia National Park in central California. An 8 foot tall tunnel bored through the body of a 2000 year old tree may not be one of the most daring feats of engineering on our list, but it gets bonus points for making you grapple with your own mortality.
5. Zhongnanshan
Shaanxi Province, China Anything that breaks up the monotony of driving half an hour through a pressurized tube is welcome, so consider the Zhongnanshan tunnel, which is lined with, uh, lifelike palm trees and tropical grass. American engineers could also take a lighting cue from their Chinese counterparts: the entire 11.2 mile length is lined with projected clouds and mellow lighting.

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